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The CEO Clubs Network combines between knowledge and experience by providing preeminent business opportunities to its members from across the globe. Capital Business caught up with Dr. Tariq A. Nizami, Founder and CEO, CEO Clubs Network Worldwide in an attempt to delve into the UAE chapter of this club and its aspects.


Being the founder of the CEO Clubs, what motivated you to start a chapter of this club in the UAE?

The CEO Clubs Network is one of the largest business networking clubs. Its vision is to share business resources of its members and offer strong business connections throughout the world in an attempt to expand business beyond borders. My mission was to allow the CEO Clubs to create a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improve the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experiences and personal growth strategies. Therefore, starting a chapter of this club in the UAE comes in response to my mission. I strongly believe that Dubai is a hub for networking where more than 150 nationalities live and do business at all times in one of the best working environments in the world.


How does your modus operandi differ in the Middle East from other parts of the world?

The Middle East provides a multi-cultural business environment. However, in our time, there is no difference between doing business in the region and other parts of the world due to technology and internet usage. The success of any business internationally depends on having a local partner, and this is what CEO Clubs Network helps its members with across the globe. I think every successful business person is involved in business on the international scale, thus we all have to understand and clearly respect other business habits and cultures. If we look to the Middle East over the last decade, we can see that the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are attracting multinational and international business communities that have billions of dollars to spend in this region.


Given that members in your club are “by invitation only”, on which basis a CEO can be admitted to the club?

Our members are mainly owners of SMEs as well as medium and large companies. They have to be preferably engaged in international businesses in any industry. Currently, our members enjoy local and international exposure with business ventures covering different sectors. The CEO Clubs Network is a “by invitation only business club”. We don’t advertise, we only introduce our club to exclusive elite business communities and accept CEOs with reference to our elite members’ strong network. Moreover, we do monitor media reports very closely to learn about new players in town who can take advantage of our club. The CEO Clubs UAE is a resilient business networking club, and only CEOs or top executives can join. Furthermore, we enjoy a great relationship with the diplomatic community in the UAE. This grants us more business opportunities and helps us grow our membership volume.


Please share with us details about your ritual meetings.

We organize monthly breakfast, luncheon and dinner events for our members to discuss key topics, or in the attendance of high profile speakers that can help our members grow their businesses. Also, we organize exclusive conferences and golf tournaments every year. Moreover, with time management being considered as a crucial responsibility nowadays, we try to provide maximum benefits to our members in minimum time.


What benefits do you offer to your members?

After joining the CEO Clubs UAE, members are entitled to get access to fellow members in the international market. We help introduce foreign enterprises to the local market, create a favorable international business environment for members, expand their social resources and strive for a win-win result. Also, we help them set up local and international business meetings.

The CEO Clubs consists of more than 16,000 CEOs and high executives’ members in more than 20 countries. It will be expanding into 4 new chapters this year and will also consider a strong presence in Africa. Facilitating cross border trade is our model. In this context, we assist our exclusive members to grow their businesses across different industries. The club’s primary vision is to share business resources of its members and offer strong business connections throughout the world, in an attempt to expand business beyond borders.


How do you assist businessmen achieve further success?

The CEO Clubs Network is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum, Member of the royal family of Dubai. It includes a strong board of diplomats from more than 30 countries, a board of governors, an advisory executive board and 14 committees for members on each major industry.

We trust our members and believe in their local and international businesses. Therefore, we assist them in taking their business to the next level. Public and private sectors have huge potential in the UAE and are expecting strong growth in both the short and long term. Furthermore, in the coming decade, I think Dubai will be one of the most influential cities and the link to the world especially in the trade, distribution, tourism, sports and aviation industries. The CEO Clubs Network understands the requirements of its members and connects them with an exclusive online system. This method allows members to connect with other members worldwide and look for business and investment opportunities.


How do you connect international businessmen through your professional platform?

We have more than 20 different chapters for the CEO Clubs Network with CEOs links in the UAE, USA, UK, China, Saudi Arabia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, South Africa, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Jordan, Lebanon, France, Palestine and Nigeria. We will be having new chapters soon in Russia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Morocco and Canada, as we are planning to have 25 chapters by 2015. Being the founder of CEO Clubs Network worldwide, I am always looking for new member markets that can provide business opportunities to our network.

Our club has different platforms for its members from every industry on both the local and international levels. We organize high level meetings to more than four CEO Clubs delegations per year with government and private sectors officials in different countries.


What made you change your business model from “Profit on Revenue” to “Profit on Cost”?

The objectives are still the same. However, after the major economic crises, the business model has changed from "Profit on Revenue" to "Profit on Cost".  The business community is also more cautious in its commitments and controlling costs. It is abiding by the new rules and guidelines of the government and ensuring transparency in business operations.


Could you please tell us about your latest endeavors?

The club collaborates with other local and international clubs in order to apply its international vision in their local endeavors in several ways. This ultimately helps us improve our business modules. Dubai is back on track and will support us in achieving our plans of having a physical platform for the CEO Clubs in the emirate. Our club will offer unique new services for our elite business network members. The CEO Clubs will have a complete solution and home-away office in Dubai for its exclusive elite members from all over the world.

We have already launched a mobile App, a CEO Clubs TV channel as well as a CEO Clubs Collection, which is the executives’ window to the fashion industry.



What is your message / advice for CEOs in the Middle East?

In life, we all make mistakes, certainly not intentionally but this affects our personal and business decisions. Thus, one of the best practices in life is to learn from your previous business to correct your current business and ensure a better business in the future.



What are your plans for the coming few years?

We plan to grow the CEO Clubs Network in most major countries, with more contribution. We also plan to enter new financial sectors in emerging markets. We are looking to grow our presence in South America and Africa where opportunities are available for all kind of businesses. In the coming year, the CEO Clubs Network will be more involved in the financial sector and will collaborate with key brands. Once the CEO Clubs Network hits the New York Stock Exchange, then I can say that I am satisfied.



About Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami

Tariq Ahmed Nizami is Founder and CEO, CEO Clubs Network Worldwide. He has more than 26 years of experience in Real Estate, Trading, Management and IT.

Tariq is a marketing oriented person and likes to take challenging task in all fields. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from reputable universities in the US. He also holds a number of real estate certifications from different parts of the world.

Tariq is part of "Hollywood Studios International" a project setting up in Dubai aiming to produce Hollywood movies and TV series in the UAE and the region.



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